Beckwithshaw and Kettlesing Felliscliffe Primary Schools federated in April 2017. After a successful couple of years, we decided to expand our federation and so in April 2019, we federated with Ripley Endowed CE School.  

We have one executive head teacher and a federated governing body for all of our three, amazing schools. Our children also meet up and work together regularly during the school year. For example, we have held science lessons together, attended residential activities and sporting fixtures.

You can visit each school’s website by selecting the school from the drop down tab which is situated in the top right hand corner of the home page.

Our Federation’s Guiding Principles

Across our federation we wish to provide a vibrant and exciting education which will prepare our children for their lives ahead of them. We believe in enriching the children’s learning through a variety of additional experiences such as taking part in charitable events or attending music festivals with other schools; competing in sporting competitions or meeting visiting authors.

We will:

  • Always put our children at the centre of our decision making at each school as well as at a federation level.
  • Provide experiences for all our children that enable them to embrace their transition to secondary school with confidence, independence and positivity.
  • Encompass the distinctiveness of our small schools whilst increasing opportunities for both staff and children.
  • Maximising the opportunity for staff to work as a larger team across our three schools to increase their prospects for leadership and challenge offered.
  • Recognising that our schools represent distinct communities that are unique in their own right but that share a core moral purpose, similar values and aims and a shared approach to learning.
  • Celebrating the Christian values that guide the work of Ripley Endowed CE School and the community values that guide the work of Beckwithshaw and Kettlesing Felliscliffe Schools and sharing best practice arising from these core values across the federation.